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Are you trying to get a job in Australia and finding it almost impossible?

The main thing that you need to do to get a job in Australia is to have experience working in Australia. Your first step is to do some volunteer work somewhere so that you can add Australian experience to your resume.

But, if you just want a simple job working as a waiter or waitress in a company that speaks your language, or perhaps a short intern or temporary position as an office worker, there are still a few things you need to do right before applying.

You need to have a resume written in the Australian style.

You need to have a cover letter.

You need guidance on what sort of questions are asked in Australian job interviews so that you're prepared for them and know how to answer them. (There are thousands but there are a number of more common ones we can explore.)

Job interviews are a challenge in most places but, in Australia, where your character and experience are the most important things, they can be scary!

Jason can help you get over most of that fear so that you're prepared for your first interview. And then he can give follow up guidance once you've attended your interview as to what you can do better next time.

In Jason's lessons he'll show you how a basic Australian resume should be written, what the sort of keywords are to put into a cover letter to get attention, and give you coaching on how to behave and how to answer questions in interviews.

The cost of this kind of lesson with Jason is:

2 hour lesson $90

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