Academic IELTS Speaking Preparation Lessons at a Cafe in Melbourne with Jason

* Are you about to take the Academic IELTS exam?
* Are you doing well in listening, reading and writing but get low band scores in speaking?
* Do you need someone to practice your IELTS answers with?

I can help. I can meet you at a cafe in the Melbourne CBD and ask you Academic IELTS speaking questions and give you guidance on your answers.

I can help you improve your IELTS score in the Academic IELTS speaking exam through doing many speaking practice tests with you and giving you advice on how to answer various questions, how to improve your conversation and pronunciation skills, and showing you what may be holding you back if you keep getting 6 in your exam.

I have hundreds of speaking practice test sets on file that I can do with you and can assist you in improving your response times in the exam. Or we can practice the ones you would like to from your mobile apps or other records.

Here's a video of me asking some questions. 
Pause the video between my questions and practice answering them

If you would like to start your Academic IELTS speaking preparation lessons, please contact me today. If you have intermediate English you may only need a few lessons to improve your IELTS score. If you are still a beginner, you may need a lot more lessons before you're ready for the IELTS exam. I can advise you during your lesson of what you need to do in your own time to improve your score.

There is no obligation to continue lessons and you can book just one lesson if you wish.

Prices: One hour lesson $50, Two hour lesson $90

Special offer May 2017. Book a two hour lesson for just $70. (Special offer available before 5pm on a weekday. Not available for evenings or weekends.)

Contact me via the reservation form below to book your lesson. I'll email you to let you know which timeslots are still available.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

- Jason

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Not ready for a lesson? Practice at home with these materials!

For IELTS writing, IELTS reading and IELTS listening, I recommend you visit:

IELTS Practice Tests ,

as one of the things I recommend in my lessons is that you do an IELTS practice test every day until your exam.

If you're looking for speaking practice, please watch my 85 YouTube

IELTS Speaking Practice videos!

Or download my app! ;)

Speak English Practice Videos

If you'd prefer to get a printed book, I recommend my titles:

IELTS Speaking Practice Tests Questions Sets 1-50

IELTS Speaking Practice Tests Questions Sets 51-100

If you're looking for a simple daily study table to help you improve your English for the IELTS exam, please download my free pdf here:

Suggested General / Academic IELTS Exam Study Guide from



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