Business English Conversation Lessons Melbourne

and for students who will have their lessons paid for by their boss.

"It's a cut throat industry. If we don't hold our own in the market we're going to go under and heads will roll. My head is on the chopping block already but I don't want to leave the sinking ship just yet. There's still the off chance that if I take the bull by the horns things will turn around and I won't need to be promoted to customer."

Learning conversational business English is a lot different to learning the standard boring business vocabulary that you get in university courses.

In the social business environment, people just don't talk like that!

What did you think of the spoken business English above? Did you understand it?

Jason can help. In his business English lessons you'll learn hundreds of idioms, slang, business expressions, business cliches and more.

The cost of a private Business English lesson is $180 for a 2 hour lesson.

If your business is paying for your lessons, a pre-payment invoice (no GST charged) can be issued for a minimum of 10 lessons ($1800). This needs to be paid in advance by bank transfer. Time and day for lessons will be set and no changes can be made. If you are sick or cannot make the lesson, no catch up lessons will be offered. (Just like doing a course at a college!) If you arrive late the lesson will not go overtime to make up for that.

Also, if your business is paying in advance for your lessons, then your business will receive reports on your progress as well as guidance as to what they need to do during the work day to help you improve your business English abilities. They will also most likely require you to do regular practice at your work place as well as homework.

Preparing for a business English conversation lesson is a lot of work for the teacher and several hours of preparation are spent before the lessons and several hours of report analysis and writing are spent after the lessons, along with communicating with stakeholders in your business and making sure that your employer is happy with the way lessons are progressing. So, only choose this kind of lesson if you are committed, plan to work hard, and know you will be able to show your boss that you are progressing between lessons.

This is not the sort of lesson you take just to avoid doing your job!

If you have decided after reading this that you'd prefer to pay for the lesson yourself in cash, and don't really need an intensive business English lesson, you may wish to find out about Jason's much easier conversation and pronunciation lessons. Click here for: conversation and pronunciation lessons Melbourne

If you'd still like the more intensive business English lessons and still wish your boss to pay and receive detailed reports on your progress, please fill in the form below to request a pre-payment invoice. Due to the time taken for accounts departments to pay invoices in Australia and for banks to transfer the funds, please suggest a timeslot and date at least 4 weeks later. Thank you.

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