Medical English Conversation Lessons

OET and Medical English help. Medical terminology. Medical discussion practice and role playing. Ideal for nurses, medical receptionists, general practitioners (GPs), pathologists, doctors, researchers, research assistants, medical students and more who want to be able to speak their medical terminology clearly, or need help in communicating in lay terms with their patients, customers and colleagues.

OET spoken English lessons are also available.

Jason's regular lesson starts with a discussion, then an analysis of your pronunciation skills. This is then followed by exercises where you read medical articles aloud and have your pronunciation corrected. Following that are role plays which involve reading dialogues. Interspersed will be other exercises as needed depending on you and what you've requested Jason to teach you in the lesson. Materials are provided, though please do bring a pen.

Jason is experienced in the OET role play speaking section, and would be happy to pretend to be any kind of patient, from a young child to an elderly woman in a role play. Jason has some acting experience so he may surprise you with his role playing. For example, in a recent lesson, Jason was an old lady with arthritis, a middle aged man with DTs, a young child with diabetes, and a pregnant woman suffering from mastitis!

Please note that Jason is not a qualified doctor, nurse or other medical practitioner, and so he would be relying on you to guide him as to what you would like to learn in the lesson. He does, however, have many friends in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, has read widely and watched hundreds of documentaries (and dramas!) on hospital operations, medical practices and the administration of medicine, and so can usually discuss some concepts and procedures related to your higher level knowledge. (Not to mention the hundreds of medical students and professionals Jason has taught in the past 16 years!) If there is a specific industry or technique that you wish to explore, Jason would be more than happy to research it first before the lesson. Jason has no problems discussing sensitive medical topics so feel free to request a discussion or role play about any procedure, disease and/or part of the body if needed!

Prices: One-hour lesson $50, Two-hour lesson $90

Special offer, for a limited time only.
2 hour lesson just $70
Offer will be available for a limited time, while timeslots are available.
Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Testimonials from a couple of Jason's students in the medical industry. (Not edited):

Actually I took lessons from several tutors and I can say Jason is No.1! First reason is his professional tutoring skills. For example, he can correct your essay quicker than any other tutors do and he also leaves as many of your original sentences as intact as possible. There is also a consistent standard in his lesson. I mean anytime my mistakes were corrected, the corrections were the same standard! Secondly his enthusiasm and curiosity for education is great. Anytime he will do his best in order to improve your English. Thirdly he is a gentle and social person. You will not hesitate to ask any question in front of him and he will show you his encyclopaedic knowledge gently. For these reasons I can recommend Jason to you.  Hiroki - International Hospital Practices Researcher

Jason is a great English teacher. The reason why I can tell you this is… because I had his lessons and they improved my level of English. He is very versatile and interested in a lot of things. When I had his lessons, he always brought interesting topics to discuss and to think about. Talking about something in English is necessary in order to improve your English, but it is also important to think about something in English to make your English better. In Jason's lessons he always gave me these two significant tasks. Of course, he did not forget to correct strange expressions and grammatical errors. He also taught extra things such as other expressions, vocabulary, idioms and even slang. He knows well the timing of correcting language and giving new words. While I had his lessons, I was able to feel that my English was being polished up! On top of that, he is a very punctual and reliable person. I think that I was really lucky to meet an excellent teacher like Jason. Akiho - Emergency Room Nurse

Jason is available at various times 7 days for medical lessons. He understands that those in the medical industry have various shifts and is happy to accommodate an unusual timeslot 24/7 if he is not already teaching other students at the time, and has not already had a long day shift. The timeslots below are standard. If you'd like a special timeslot (eg 5am Tuesday) Please advise Jason and he'd be happy to assist.

You can pay Jason cash at the end of the lesson.

Please enter your details, what you'd like to learn in the lesson, and your list of available times and dates so that Jason can advise you of his availability.

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