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Private English Lessons in a Cafe or Via Skype with Jason

Conversation, Pronunciation and IELTS Lessons
Medical, OET, Job Interview and Business English Classes

* Do you need help improving your English conversation skills? 
* Would you like someone to test your pronunciation? 
* Do you need to practice answering interview questions? 
* Are you studying for the IELTS or PTE speaking tests? 
* Perhaps you'd like to practice speaking English so that you don't lose your conversation skills?

Jason can help!

About Jason

* Native English Speaker
* TESOL certified
* Private general English and social conversation teacher
* Pronunciation and Accent Reduction trainer
* Job Interview Coach
* 16 yearsí experience
* Friendly, kind, caring, patient, understanding and funny
* Ideal tutor for adult ESL speakers wanting to have a fun lesson.
* General IELTS speaking tutor
* Previous Principal and CEO of an ESL school
* Self-Published Author with over 50 ESL books on Amazon.

Scroll down for the different types of lessons that Jason offers that can help you improve your English.

Jason is usually available for lessons in a cafe in the CBD of Melbourne, or via Skype,
at various times, 7 days.

Last updated 13th February 2018

English Conversation Lessons
Conversational English Lessons

Conversational English lessons where you and Jason discuss a wide range of topics, and Jason corrects your English as you speak. You can bring along a list of questions, or Jason can bring along various newspaper articles to discuss. 

A very relaxed lesson where you get to practice speaking English.

Conversation and Pronunciation Lessons
Conversation and Pronunciation Lessons

Jason will use his unique pronunciation test to find those areas where you might be having some challenges. He'll target your main pronunciation problem in the first lesson and help you work on improving other areas in subsequent lessons.

Lessons will include exercises on phrasal verbs, idioms, slang, cliches, jargon, Australian English, and other areas of English that you may wish to improve.

Jason switches to different areas and topics every 10 to 15 minutes so that you never become bored in the lesson.

Jason will also give you a lot of material to take home, and problem some homework!

This is Jason's most popular lesson.

IELTS Speaking Lessons
General IELTS Speaking Lessons

Practice for your IELTS Speaking test with Jason's IELTS questions. Jason has been collecting real IELTS speaking questions for over 16 years and has over 100 sets of questions he can ask you.

He can help you to know the best way to answer.

A serious lesson that should be taken several times to help you improve your chances of increasing your IELTS speaking band score for PR.

Job Interview Questions Coaching Lessons
Job Interview Lessons

Are you worried about going to a job interview? Jason can help by arranging a mock interview with you in the lesson. He'll bring along common interview questions and pretend to be an employer, then give you some guidance on how to answer them. 

He can also check your resume and cover letter and give you guidance on the best methods to increase your chances of finding a job in Melbourne.

A serious lesson that needs your input before the lesson starts so that Jason can prepare the appropriate questions to ask you.

Medical Vocabulary Lessons
Medical English Lessons

Jason has taught many surgeons, nurses and medical doctors over the years, and is familiar with a wide variety of medical terminology. In the lesson Jason may bring out medical texts and lists of medical vocabulary for you to read. He may also discuss certain procedures with you so that you can discuss them and practice your English.

If you are concerned about your English with your patients, Jason can pretend to be a patient and do appropriate role plays to challenge your English, then Jason can help you improve your speaking skills.

This lesson is fairly flexible in what you'd like to do in the medical field. Let Jason know where you'd like to focus and he'll develop the lesson for you.

Medical OET Lessons
OET Speaking Lessons for Medical Students

Are you studying for the Occupational English Test, with a focus on getting a medical industry job? Jason can help you practice that intensive OET doctor/patient interview test by pretending to suffer from a variety of ailments. Jason will choose a sickness, research the symptoms and then be in character for you to work out what it is, and what the treatment is likely to be.

Many doctors have found these role plays useful in helping them to pass the exam, and as Jason has some experience as an actor, he is very happy to play any character to help you practice your English.

This lesson is fairly intensive and takes some time to prepare for, so please advise Jason what you'd like and, if you have particular role plays you'd like to practice, send them on to him so that he can prepare properly for you.

Other Kinds of English Lessons

Is there another type of lesson you'd like? Jason has had many requests for different types of lessons over the years. 

* Business and Industry Specific English
* Social, Swearing and Rude English
* Australian English
* PTE Speaking
* TOEIC Speaking
* Idioms, Slang, Phrasal Verbs, Cliches, Common Expressions and more!

If you have a particular lesson in mind, perhaps Jason can create it for you. 

Note that his lessons are predominantly about spoken English, so writing and written grammar are not his focus, as Jason is a conversation and pronunciation tutor.

Use the conversation page to contact Jason and fill in the comments form at the bottom to request details of a special lesson.

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English Conversation Lessons

English Lessons Online
English Lessons Online Via Skype

Worried about the travel time?
Concerned about heat waves, freezing cold, or rainy weather?
Want to stay comfortable at home, but still want to practice your English?

Jason can help! Jason is available for late evening lessons via Skype.

All of Jason's spoken English lessons can be taken by Skype. He can also email you pdfs, depending on the lesson.

Jason uses a high quality webcam and has an NBN internet connection. But if you're uncomfortable uses a cam, Jason is happy to call you using the voice-only option.

If you have a good internet connection, a webcam and desktop or laptop computer, Skype lessons could be suitable for you.


Atsuko English language studentAtsuko - Japan
Jason was very friendly and it was very useful that he accurately taught me the content that I requested. He explained with pictures and he taught in a way that beginners will be able to understand easily. I enjoyed his lessons every time so I recommend to you all to take his lesson.

Wei English Literacy studentWei Ė China
Jason helped me improve my English so that I could get a job in Australia. He helped me to write my resume as well as advised me about what all the trick language in the classifieds job ads mean. When other circumstances have meant that Iíve had to change jobs, because of Jason's advice I was able to get a new one. Iím very grateful to the help Jason has given me.

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